I chased the sound of laughter,
In the summer of an age,
When I weaved childish fantasies,
With the visage of a sage.

Looking back with longing,
Clutching on to straws,
Hungering to keep alive,
A season’s spell that was.

I blew on dying embers,
Cooling through the years,
Viewing a cherished friendship,
Fade and disappear.

In a flash spoke Wisdom,
Through the written Word,
Do not trust in mortals,
Place all your hope in God.

My truest Friend was waiting,
Until I recognized,
That He alone can feed me,
With the Bread that satisfies.

The God of all creation,
Embraced me in His light,
When I let go my childish dreams,
And let the past take flight

Myra D’Souza / 15 April 2010


The Lord has turned my mourning into dancing,
He carried me from darkness into light,
Joy rode the dawn and on that glorious morning,
The Lamb appeared to claim me for His bride.

I have forgotten all my days of sorrow,
My bed in which my body racked with pain,
The painful agony of my life’s ended,
Faith and hope’s consumed but love remains.

The cross that Jesus Christ placed on my shoulder,
Hewn from the one He bore at Calvary,
Would often seem too great for me to carry,
Had He not walked each painful step with me.

My agony a prayer, my tears a blessing,
I offered all for you that you may be,
Some day with me and one in Christ united
In love and joy and peace eternally.

Myra D’Souza / 13 April 2010



In the school of Mary,
I learn humility.
To walk alongside Jesus,
With fidelity.

My Mama trains me daily,
To seek the narrow way,
That leads to my Redeemer,
So I will never stray.

In the school of Mary,
My soul learns to be still,
She helps me recognize His voice
So I can do His will.

The first of Christ’s disciples,
Teaches me to pray,
To put the needs of others,
Ahead of mine each day.

My Mama has the power,
To crush the serpent’s head,
God’s highly favored daughter,
Makes Satan quake in dread.

Like a child I lay my head,
On Mama Mary’s breast,
Enfolded in her loving arms,
My soul finds perfect rest.

Myra D’Souza/18 Jan 2010


Help me Mama dearest,
Help me Mama mine,
 To conceive and bring to birth,
The little Babe divine.
In my heart this Advent,
Help me prepare a place,
Fragrant with your presence,
Sweet Mama full of grace.
Myra D’Souza/22.12.2009

It was a glorious morning,
On a bright, clear, sunny day,
When Jesus told this parable,
Here’s what He had to say.

“There was a man who had two sons,
The younger of them said,
“I want my share of all that will
Be mine when you are dead.”
The saddened father looked at him
And shook his graying head,
He knew so well his foolish boy,
His heart was filled with dread.

When he had received his portion
Of the property,
He left without a backward glance
His home and family.
Making friends with sinners,
In a country far from home,
Squandering his wealth
Until he found himself alone.

Desperate he looked for work
When famine struck that land,
He was sent to feed the pigs,
As a hired hand.
Soon wisdom dawned upon him,
His sinfulness he rued,
He resolved to go back home,
To work in servitude.

The father from a distance
Recognized his son
Heart brimming with compassion
He began to run.
“Forgive me Father, I have sinned,
I’ve given ample proof,
That I am quite unworthy
To live beneath your roof.”

The father interrupted
His son’s apology,
Calling for a robe and ring,
And sandals for his feet.
“Rejoice with me let’s celebrate,”
The joyful father said,
“My son is home with me at last,
This boy I feared was dead.”

Too often in the past I too
Have wallowed deep in sin
Silencing the voice of conscience
Speaking from within.
Conversion came through tragedy,
And heart rending loss,
Embraced by God the Father,
In the shadow of the cross.
Myra D’Souza / 17.12.2009


Day has yet to blossom,
Night has yet to pale,
The sky has yet to put away,
Her star embroidered veil.
Dawn will keep its promise,
As it ushers a new day,
Responding to Your call I come,
To watch with You and pray.

My Friend and my Beloved,

How sweet it is to be,
With God who deigns to make Himself
Accessible to me.
On fire with the Spirit,
Love overwhelms my soul,
God Almighty reaches out,
To heal and make me whole.

In reverential silence,

I worship You in awe,
Wonderstruck that I am loved
By You despite my flaws.
Grant me grace dear Jesus,
Sufficient for today,
To take my cross and follow You,
Along the narrow way.

Myra D’Souza/16th November


Today the tears spilled over,
As I began to pray,
I thought about my little girl,
Whose birthday is today.
God’s little baby blossom,
Her mission was to be,
The instrument that helped me,
Experience Calvary.
He walked me through the Scriptures,
He helped me find relief,
The Word of God consoled me
And helped to ease my grief.
After slight affliction,
Come blessings manifold,
In the furnace of His Love,
He purifies each soul.
In dying with the Savior,
We rise anew to life,
Redeemed, my baby lives again,
Eternally in Christ.

Myra D’Souza / 10 November 2009